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What is the structure of the FRP cooling tower? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-19
The glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling equipment has undergone continuous development and technological innovation. The current product is particularly standardized. The shape of this product is a horizontal cylindrical shape, and the two ends of the cooling tower are heads. Most of this equipment uses mechanical properties. The concave-convex makeup surface is designed. Generally, there are partitions inside this kind of equipment. There are holes on the partitions, and the holes are dislocated up and down. The whole body of the tank of the tower is divided into three parts, one is the tertiary oxygen chamber, the other is the secondary oxygen chamber, and the other is the clarifier. The clarification chamber of this cooling equipment is connected to the bottom of the secondary oxygen chamber, and the middle part is the use of 'MDS special characteristic filler'. The advantage of this design is that after the tanks are separated, the contact time between sewage and sludge can be reduced, so that acid fermentation will not interfere with the process of alkaline fermentation. Since the tanks are isolated from each other, due to the presence of simultaneous seasoning , The contact surface area of ​​sewage sludge and oxygen bacteria is greatly increased, and the reaction efficiency is greatly improved. In this way, large particles of impurities in sewage can be intercepted and the problem of blockage of sewage pipes can be avoided. If installing an integral glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower, the thickness of the covering soil should not be less than 0.3m, and the maximum thickness of the covering soil should not exceed 3m. In the cold northern region, if this equipment for processing cooling towers is used, the temperature should be lower than -10 °. The covering soil should reach a depth of 2m to avoid freezing of the equipment. If the temperature in the north is lower than -13° in the cold winter, when designing and installing the cooling equipment, the depth of the installation must be considered. The cooling equipment must be installed below the freezing line, which is particularly suitable for installation.
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