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What is the structure of the wire annealing furnace? What are the characteristics of the wire annealing furnace-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-24
After the metal products are smelted, annealing is required to reduce the hardness of the metal products. Otherwise, if the hardness is too high, it is very easy to damage. Next, Kehua will show you what the structure of the wire annealing furnace is and what are the characteristics of the wire annealing furnace? What is the structure of the wire annealing furnace? The machine drives a set of driving wheels at the front end through the chain. The furnace door drive adopts the combination of worm gear reducer and electric motor to lift electrically. 2. Sealing: The sealing between the trolley and the furnace body adopts a labyrinth structure, and there are automatic sand sealing knife sealing devices on both sides of the trolley. The furnace door is sealed by rolling channel pressing and spring pressing automatic mechanism. The furnace body part adopts high-quality refractory brick structure to ensure the tightness of the furnace. The pressure-resistant part of the trolley is built with high-alumina bricks, and thermal insulation bricks are added to the lower part. 3. Smoke exhaust preheating device: a smoke exhaust preheating device is installed at the upper end of the furnace. When the flue gas in the furnace passes through the preheater, it is sent to the cold air by the fan for preheating, and then sent to the burner by the pipeline for combustion support. , and install a manual butterfly valve at the outlet, which can adjust the pressure in the furnace. Wire annealing furnace What are the characteristics of the iron wire annealing furnace 1. The entire annealing process of the material is placed in a protective atmosphere, the surface of the annealed workpiece is bright and free of oxidation, and the surface of the material is not decarbonized and oxidized. 2. Since the protective gas in the furnace is circulated by strong convection by a special fan, the furnace temperature is uniform, so that the temperature difference in the furnace is controlled within 5 °C; thus effectively ensuring that all annealed materials in the furnace are consistent in softness and hardness, which is convenient for deep processing of materials. 3. Adopt double furnace base for heating and cooling, quasi-continuous operation mode. The structure of the furnace body is scientific and reasonable, the energy saving effect is obvious, and the energy consumption per ton of steel is low in domestic leading. The maximum capacity of a single furnace is 90 tons, and the production efficiency is high. 4. The surface of the material treated by this type of furnace is bright, eliminating the pickling process, cleaning the working environment, and eliminating acid pollution. 5. The whole set of equipment is controlled by computer and has a high degree of automation, which can effectively ensure product quality and safe operation of equipment. The structure of the wire annealing furnace is not complicated, but it is the most commonly used equipment in various smelting enterprises. According to Kehua, the iron wire annealing furnace has the advantages of uniform furnace temperature and high production efficiency.
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