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What is the use of high frequency induction heating welding machine? What is the difference with ordinary welding machine?

by:Kehua     2022-07-22
In all kinds of projects, electric welding is inseparable. Now many companies no longer use traditional electric welding, but use high-frequency induction heating electric welding technology. So, what is the purpose of the high-frequency induction heating welding machine, and what is the difference between it and the ordinary welding machine? What is the purpose of the high-frequency induction heating welding machine Single welding. High frequency induction heating welding machine can not only be used for welding of various metal materials, but also for diathermy, smelting, heat treatment and other processes. Soldering is just one of its many uses. High-frequency welding machine is one of the functions of high-frequency heating equipment. According to Kehua's understanding, the working principle is that first, a set of unique electronic circuits in the high-frequency machine convert the low-frequency alternating current input from the power grid into high-frequency alternating current. After the high-frequency current is added to the inductive coil (ie, the induction coil), it is converted into a high-frequency magnetic field using the principle of electromagnetic induction, and acts on the metal object in the magnetic field; using the eddy current effect, a magnetic field proportional to the magnetic field strength is generated in the metal object. Induced current, this eddy current is affected by the skin effect, the higher the frequency, the more concentrated on the surface of the metal object. High-frequency induction heating welding machine The difference between high-frequency induction heating welding machine and ordinary welding machine 1. During welding: high-frequency induction welding adopts non-contact induction heating to rapidly heat the solder filled in the base metal to the melting point It melts and the base metal does not. The welding machine melts the base metal and the welding rod at the same time through the action of the arc heat, and the weld filler is formed by the welding rod and the base metal. 2. High-frequency induction heating welding machines are widely used in welding. Kehua believes that two objects of different shapes of the same material or dissimilar materials can be welded together only by finding their eutectic. Welders are unreachable. 3. The same high-frequency welding machine can achieve many purposes only by changing the shape of the inductor, that is, the induction coil. It can be heated, smelted, annealed, quenched, tempered and heat-fitted with all magnetically conductive metals or non-metals. 4. The difference between welds: Usually, the welds of electric welding are difficult to reach just full and smooth, and need to be polished to achieve smooth and smooth welds. The weld seam of induction welding can be smooth and flat, without grinding and polishing. High-frequency induction heating welding technology is a relatively advanced welding method at present. High-frequency induction heating welding machines are widely used.
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