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What is the working principle of brass smelting furnace-What are the characteristics of brass smelting furnace-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-16
Nowadays, many metal products are made of flavonoids, which requires smelting brass first. At this time, a brass smelting furnace is used, which is the most common brass smelting equipment. Next, Kehua will introduce to you what is the working principle of the brass Induction melting furnace and what are the characteristics of the brass melting furnace? What is the working principle of the brass Induction melting furnace? The heating method directly transmitted to the charge is called direct heating method. Its advantages are high thermal efficiency and simple furnace structure. The harmful impurities contained in the combustion products will adversely affect the quality of the charge. Kehua believes that the harmful gases volatilized from the charge or covering agent will corrode the resistance components and reduce their service life: During the fuel combustion process, the excess air content in the combustion products is high. , resulting in large metal burning loss during the heating process. The charge of the periodic smelting furnace is added into the furnace in batches according to a certain period, and all the processes such as heating and heat preservation are completed according to a given temperature curve, and then all are transported out of the furnace. Periodic furnaces are suitable for producing products with many varieties and specifications. The atmosphere in the furnace is air or the combustion atmosphere of the fuel itself, which is mostly used for products that can form a dense protective layer on the surface of the charge at high temperature and can prevent violent oxidation at high temperature. Copper smelting furnace What are the characteristics of brass smelting furnace 1. The installation and operation are very convenient, and you will learn it immediately. 2. Ultra-small size, light weight, movable, occupying less than 1 square meter. 3. 24-hour uninterrupted smelting capability. 4. Power saving and energy saving. 5. It is convenient to replace furnace bodies with different weights, different materials and different starting methods to meet various smelting requirements. 6. The ultra-small medium frequency induction heating power supply is adopted, which is completely different from the traditional medium frequency power supply. 7. Good heat permeability and uniform temperature. 8. The medium frequency magnetic field has a magnetic stirring effect on the molten metal, which is beneficial to the uniform composition and scum. 9. According to the recommended equipment and maximum smelting volume, the smelting time for each furnace is 20-30 minutes. Brass smelting furnace is a very widely used smelting equipment. Its volume is very small, occupying less than 1 square meter, and it can save a lot of energy consumption.
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