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What is the working principle of electric gold melting machine? What will happen to the overcurrent of the melter?

by:Kehua     2022-07-27
With the rapid development of society, many sophisticated instruments have appeared, among which the electric melting machine is one of them. The appearance of this instrument has revolutionized the smelting industry. So what is the working principle of the electric gold melting machine? What will happen to the overcurrent of the gold melting machine? This article will introduce you in detail. Working principle: Variable frequency electromagnetic induction heating, or induction heating for short, is a method that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert the power frequency power supply into a specific frequency band power supply to heat metal materials. It is mainly used for metal heating, heat treatment, welding and melting, etc. This heating technology is also suitable for the packaging industry (sealing of aluminum foils such as medicine, food, etc.), semiconductor materials (such as stretched monocrystalline silicon, automotive glass heating and pasting metal parts, etc.). The basic components of the induction heating system include induction coils, AC power and artifact. Depending on the heating object, the induction coil can be made into different shapes. The coil is connected to the power supply, and the power supply provides alternating current to the coil, and the alternating current of the coil generates an alternating magnetic field that passes through the workpiece. The container instantly smelts, purifies, and casts precious metals. 2. For precious metals: platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, silver, copper, steel, gold powder, sand, tin ash, tin slag and other high-melting gold metals 3. The highest The furnace temperature can reach 1500 degrees - 2000 degrees 4. For the amount of ash-like metal powder commissioned up to 90% of the gold melting machine, the following phenomena will occur: (1) When restarting, it will trip as soon as the speed rises. This is a very serious phenomenon of overcurrent of the gold melting machine. It is mainly caused by the phenomenon of load short circuit, stuck mechanical parts, damaged inverter module, and too small torque of the motor; (2) It jumps when power is on, and this phenomenon generally cannot be reset. The main reasons are: the module is broken, The drive circuit is broken and the current detection circuit is broken; the electric melting machine (3) does not trip immediately when it restarts but accelerates. The main reasons are: the acceleration time setting is too short, the current upper limit setting is too small, the torque compensation (V /F) is set higher. In order to protect the gold melting machine from being burned in the case of overcurrent, the circuit of the gold melting machine is equipped with an overcurrent protection device. The overcurrent protection of the gold melting machine includes short circuit protection, overload protection (overload protection) and phase failure protection. Overcurrent protection is mainly used to protect the inverter. Therefore, once the overcurrent occurs in the melting machine, the inverter alarm becomes frequent. The above is a detailed introduction to the electric melting machine. The innovation of technology has driven the development of products. For the smelting industry, electric gold melting machines are indispensable. If you are engaged in this field and have not found a good product, I recommend Kehua to you. The machines produced by Kehua are very good. .
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