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What is the working principle of the annealing furnace? Take you to know the annealing furnace-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-25
What is the working principle of the annealing furnace? If you want to understand the annealing furnace, you need to understand the working principle of the annealing furnace. Of course, in addition to sharing the working principle of the annealing furnace, we will also pay attention to other content, so, I believe the following content will make you satisfied. Annealing furnace 1. Annealing furnace Kehua pointed out that heat treatment furnaces are divided into annealing furnaces, quenching furnaces, tempering furnaces, normalizing furnaces, and quenching and tempering furnaces, which are mainly used for annealing large carbon steel and alloy steel parts; tempering of surface quenched parts; elimination of weldments Stress annealing, aging and other heat treatment processes. Heating methods include electric heating, fuel oil, gas, coal-fired, and hot air circulation. Annealing furnace is a new type of heat exchange equipment. The annealing furnace is an energy-saving periodic operation furnace with a super energy-saving structure and a fiber structure, which saves 60% of electricity. 2. The working principle of the annealing furnace The temperature distribution in the furnace cavity of the annealing furnace is uniform through the circulation of the fan. The two furnace chambers of the annealing furnace can operate independently, which improves the annealing efficiency. There are two fans in each furnace chamber. , but there is no air filter device, which is different from the actual situation. The temperature distribution in the furnace is uniform through fan circulation, and the microstructure of the film material is restructured through heat treatment to improve the stability and conversion efficiency. The castings are heated to about 950°C, and cooled appropriately after a certain period of time to eliminate the internal stress of steel castings and welded parts. For iron and steel products, it is 100 to 200 °C below the temperature at which austenite begins to form after heating, and the internal stress can be eliminated by cooling in the air after heat preservation. Annealing furnace 3. The function of the annealing furnace Kehua proposed that the return furnace is suitable for vacuum quenching of high-alloy steel materials such as high-speed tool steel, measuring tool steel, and die steel with large diameters and dimensions. It can also be used for tempering. The annealing equipment has convection Heating function, options can realize processes such as step quenching, isothermal quenching, and sapphire annealing. Have you read the content of the annealing furnace? Whether it is about the working principle of the annealing furnace or its role in real life, to a certain extent, it will help you to fully understand the annealing furnace.
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