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What is the working principle of the power frequency heating machine? Are you familiar with it?-Youzao heating machine

by:Kehua     2022-07-31
The heating machine is a necessary equipment in industrial production. In order to meet the purpose of various processing and production, people have invented various types of heating machines. Among them, the power frequency heating machine is a very common type of heating machine. What is the working principle of the frequency heating machine? Power frequency heating machine 1. Power frequency heating machine Kehua pointed out that the power frequency heating machine is a kind of three-phase power frequency alternating current, rectified into direct current, and then the direct current into adjustable The current supplies the alternating current flowing through the capacitor and the induction coil, generates high-density magnetic lines of force in the induction coil, and cuts the metal material contained in the induction coil. 2. The working principle of the power frequency heating machine When the heating medium passes through the heating chamber of the electric heater under the action of pressure, the principle of fluid thermodynamics is used to uniformly take away the huge heat generated by the electric heating element, so that the temperature of the heated medium can meet the user's technological requirements. Power frequency heating machine 3. What is the difference between power frequency and high frequency machine? Kehua believes that the power frequency heating machine, not only refers to the natural frequency of the current and voltage in the AC power grid, there are two main types in the world, my country is 50HZ, Japan and the United States and other countries are 60HZ. The reason why it is called power frequency induction heating equipment (referred to as power frequency machine) is that this kind of machine directly outputs the input power frequency electric energy to the energy converter-induction coil through voltage regulation and current conversion processing. Here, the power frequency machine only adjusts and controls the input current and voltage, and does not change the frequency. The working principle of the power frequency machine determines the composition of its internal circuit. It is mainly composed of electric energy input circuit, voltage regulation and rectification circuit, power output circuit, control circuit, protection circuit, filter circuit and auxiliary circuit providing working conditions. In addition, other frequency induction heating equipment, whether it is called medium frequency (about 1KHZ to 20KHZ), super audio (about 20KHZ to 40KH), high frequency (about 40KHZ to 200KHZ), ultra-high frequency (above 200KHZ) , up to dozens of MHZ), and even other low frequencies (about 50HZ to 1KHZ). The frequency of the current they output needs to be processed by frequency conversion. Their working principle also determines the composition of their internal circuits. It mainly includes power input circuit, rectifier circuit, filter circuit, frequency conversion circuit (oscillation circuit, inverter circuit), power output circuit, control circuit, protection circuit and auxiliary circuit that provides working conditions. It can be seen from this that the principle of the power frequency machine is relatively simple. Although in principle, other models only have an additional frequency conversion circuit, but in terms of the actual circuit structure, the design needs to be more accurate, reasonable and ingenious. Power frequency machines generally use analog circuits, while other models mostly use analog circuits and digital circuits. Although the power frequency machine is simple in principle and simple in structure, due to its extremely low operating frequency, the capacitance and inductance of its internal capacitive components and inductive components need to be large. The use of skin effect and edge effect of high frequency current is also extremely low. Therefore, it has no advantage in cost, size and efficiency. Therefore, power frequency machines are rarely used in practical applications. However, it is precisely because the workpiece heated by the power frequency machine is less affected by the skin effect and edge effect, which makes it the best in terms of heat penetration to the workpiece. Therefore, it has considerable advantages in large-scale smelting and heating of large-scale workpieces. The heating principle of the power frequency heating machine is believed to be clear to everyone through the above description. Of course, the power frequency heating machine is different from the high frequency heating machine, so the applicable situations are also different.
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