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What is the working principle of Tianjin high frequency machine? Do your friends know

by:Kehua     2022-08-01
High-frequency machine is very common in our daily life, and it is widely used in various industries. It has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, and fast heating speed. Kehua will immediately introduce the working principle of Tianjin high-frequency machine to my dear friends. All are welcome to read. Tianjin high-frequency machine The working principle of Tianjin high-frequency machine 1. The high-frequency and large current of the high-frequency machine flows to the heating coil (usually made of copper tube) that is wound into a ring or other shapes. As a result, a strong magnetic beam with an instantaneous change in polarity is generated in the coil. When a heated object such as a metal is placed in the coil, the magnetic beam will penetrate the entire heated object, and in the opposite direction of the heating current inside the heated object, it will generate Correspondingly large eddy currents. Due to the existence of resistance in the heated object, a lot of Joule heat will be generated, and the temperature of the object itself will rise rapidly. To achieve the purpose of heating all metal materials. 2. A set of unique electronic circuits in the high-frequency machine convert the low-frequency alternating current of 50Hz input from the external power supply into high-frequency alternating current above 20000Hz; after the high-frequency current is added to the inductance coil, it is converted into high-frequency by the principle of electromagnetic induction. The magnetic field acts on the metal object in the magnetic field; the eddy current effect is used to generate an induced current in the metal object that is proportional to the magnetic field strength. When the current flows in the metal object, it will rely on the inherent resistance value inside, The heat is generated by using the principle of current heating effect. This heat is directly generated inside the object. Therefore, this heating method has high speed and high efficiency. If needed, it can melt any metal in an instant. Moreover, its heating rate and temperature are controllable. Tianjin high-frequency machine After the detailed introduction of our most familiar friend Kehua, my dear friends must have a clear understanding of the working principle of Tianjin high-frequency machine. If there is anything unclear, please leave us a message.
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