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What kind of equipment is a square cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-23
From the perspective of structure and operation, the square cooling tower adopts air intake from both sides. During operation, it relies on the function of the fan at the top to make the air communicate with the hot water through the packing on both sides of the tower. The air will be discharged to the outside of the tower, so as to complete the purpose of cooling the scriptures, and present a good cooling effect. On a deeper level, the filling of the square cooling equipment is a point wave plate with convex points on both sides, and the point wave plate is bonded into a whole through the device head, so that the filling will have a relatively high rigidity, and the coating points on both sides are also good. It can effectively prevent the phenomenon of direct water dripping. In this way, when the square cooling tower is in use, a high water film formation ability can be obtained. In addition, the water collection measures at the tail of the packing can ensure that the equipment can obtain very good performance when it is in use. Performance. Lingyan is a square cooling equipment manufacturer as well as a cooling tower manufacturer, specializing in the production of cooling towers and water pumps, please feel free to call if necessary.​
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