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What operation steps should be paid attention to in the heat treatment quenching furnace?

by:Kehua     2022-07-28
When manufacturing parts or some metal workpieces, a process that must be passed is the process of heat treatment and quenching furnace. After the heat treatment and quenching furnace, the workpiece can be shaped and reinforced. When manufacturing metal workpieces, the equipment controls the temperature. is also crucial. Heat treatment quenching furnace What is a quenching furnace: Quenching furnace is a furnace that heats the workpiece before quenching. Kehua quenching is to put the workpiece into the furnace and heat it to the quenching temperature above the critical point and keep it for a period of time, and then quickly take the workpiece out of the furnace and put it into the quenching liquid (oil or water) for quenching. The heat source of the furnace can be electricity and fuel, and the temperature can be measured by thermocouple. Furnaces using electricity and gas and liquid fuels can automatically control and adjust the temperature with meters. The quenching furnace is used for quenching the extrusion products of aluminum alloy pipes and rods. Before quenching, the heating of the extruded product should be uniform, and the temperature difference should be less than ±2.5 °C; during quenching, the transition time is required to be short, not more than 15 seconds. In the past, aluminum alloy extrusions were treated with nitrate (KNO3) baths. With the increase in the length of aluminum alloy extrusions, this method of quenching has been eliminated. At present, the Kehua vertical quenching furnace is widely used at home and abroad, and the quenching pool is directly located under the furnace. The working principle of the heat treatment and quenching furnace: (1) The temperature uniformity to achieve the temperature uniformity required by the user is based on the distribution of the circulating fan, the air guide hood, the furnace structure, the distribution of the electric heating power, and the arrangement, control method and process of the electric heating element. , furnace door structure and other related design to ensure. (2) Advanced mechanical system The advanced nature of the system is guaranteed by design, component selection and quality, and standard manufacturing quality of impurity content of processed 70a aluminum ingots. The mechanical system runs smoothly and reliably, and the equipment is in a working state of low noise and low vibration. (3) Perfect control system It is reflected in the aspects of accurate temperature control at 100-650 ℃, stable and reliable aluminum ingot system, easy operation, avoidance of human error operation, and complete functions. (4) Quick and adjustable quenching transfer time The furnace door, double-speed lifting mechanism and advanced mechanical system make the quenching transfer fast and reliable, and the time can be adjusted according to the user's process requirements. When using the heat treatment quenching furnace for processing, it is necessary to adjust the temperature of the equipment according to the workpiece, and it must be operated according to the temperature requirements of the workpiece, so that the workpiece can achieve a certain stability.
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