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What parameters you need to know when choosing a cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-17
is a comprehensive product integrating a variety of disciplines such as aerodynamics, thermodynamics, fluidics, chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, static and dynamic structural mechanics, and processing technology. Water quality is a function of multiple variables, and cooling is a multi-factor, multi-variable and multi-effect synthesis process. What parameters do you need to know when choosing a cooling equipment? 1. The local dry and wet temperature; 2. The annual running time of the cooling tower; 3. The unit water consumption of the cooling tower; 4. The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water of the cooling equipment; 5. The cost of the cooling tower. Our Kehua cooling equipment manufacturer has been selling Kehua round cooling towers and square cooling towers, with complete models, excellent performance and low prices. Please call us anytime if you need it.
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high frequency induction heating machine induction heating system is slower than high frequency induction heating machine but has a number of special applications, such as for high frequency induction heating machine.
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