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What precautions should be taken when using intermediate frequency induction hardening equipment? Something to keep in mind - Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-08-06
Intermediate frequency induction hardening equipment is the equipment we need to grasp. Of course, we need to learn what precautions should be taken when using intermediate frequency induction hardening equipment, so that our operation can be made safer, more reliable, and more feasible. Come down, let's take a look at the related content. Intermediate frequency induction hardening equipment 1. Intermediate frequency Kehua pointed out that when it is divided according to the frequency, the intermediate frequency (MF, Medium Frequency) refers to the frequency of the frequency band from 300KHz to 3000KHz, most of which are used as AM radio. When divided according to its position and function in the circuit: IF (Intermediate Frequency) refers to a signal obtained by a high-frequency signal through frequency conversion. 2. Intermediate frequency induction quenching equipment The series resonance adopted by the intermediate frequency induction quenching equipment, that is, the voltage type resonance frequency tracking. Therefore, the efficiency is higher and the power factor is higher. Therefore, there is an obvious power saving effect, and the heating power consumption per ton of bar material is 341 degrees. Transformer cabinet volume: 500×800×580. Medium frequency induction hardening equipment 3. What are the precautions when using medium frequency induction hardening equipment? Kehua pointed out that the cooling water system should be equipped with a water distributor and a return water tank to ensure the normal water supply and return water of the equipment. The inlet and outlet of the water separator need to be equipped with valves, pressure gauges, etc. The number and diameter of the water outlet pipes of the water distributor are determined by the water inlet and outlet of the induction heating equipment, the sensor, and the output transformer. The water divider should be equipped with a drain pipe to adjust the water pressure. The diameter of the outlet pipe of the return tank should be larger to ensure that the return water can be dredged. The water outlet of the induction heating equipment should be directly observed, and a transparent plexiglass protective cover can be used to prevent dust. It is not allowed to block the water tank, because the blocked water tank can easily cause poor water return, which will endanger the safety of the induction heating equipment. It is best not to use the same cooling water tank for power supply and coil cooling. The power supply requirements are relatively high. Improper use will seriously affect the life of the power supply. If you change a different workpiece, you should reprogram or call out the existing program, establish the workpiece coordinate system, confirm that there is no error, and then run the trial machining. In case of abnormality during the machining process of the machine tool, the 'emergency stop button' should be pressed in time, and the 'stop' should be quickly released when the machine tool is suspended for processing, and the 'spray on' should be pressed in time to spray water to protect the induction coil. What are the precautions for the use of intermediate frequency induction hardening equipment? I believe you have already figured it out above. I hope you can firmly remember the above precautions in your own operation process, which will be very helpful to you. help.
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