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What preparations should be done before starting the circular cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-10-01
Any equipment that is not prepared before it is started will increase the possibility of problems during operation. The preparation work is to reduce the possibility of problems after the equipment is running. Then, what should be done before the circular cooling tower is started to ensure that the equipment can work normally after operation. The following cooling equipment manufacturers will introduce to you. 1. For the cooling towers after capital construction and large and small repairs, the collection system should be strictly implemented. In addition to the acceptance inspection according to the relevant standards, the following matters should be paid attention to. 1. For newly built and renovated circular cooling towers, check the water supply pipeline, main gate, short-cut gate, and water discharge gate, which should be in good condition and in the fully closed position. 2. Check that the water distribution system, water spraying device, water collection tank, air inlet and return ditch are in good condition and have been cleaned. 3. Confirm that no one is working in the tower, and that inspection tools, springboards, scaffolding poles, and remaining materials have been cleared out of the tower. 4. After the completion of the new construction and major repair of the circular cooling equipment, the pre-inspection of the acceptance leading group believes that it will enter the trial operation adjustment stage after it has reached the acceptance standards, and then it will be put into formal operation after passing the acceptance appraisal. In addition, the relevant gates of the circular cooling equipment should be kept in good condition and operated flexibly. Electric valves should be regularly measured for motor insulation. After long-term non-use or after major repairs, the motor insulation should be measured first, and the operation should be carried out after confirming that it is in good condition.
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