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What problems should be paid attention to in the induction heating production line

by:Kehua     2022-07-30
The induction heating production line is a very important link, because the temperature control in any industry is extremely strict. After all, it is also the most prone to accidents. If you are interested, then follow the editor and Kehua to learn more information Bar. Induction heating production line The induction heating production line specializes in the production of induction heating production line equipment. Its induction heating production line equipment greatly reduces the requirements for operators, reduces the reliability of the equipment to people from the perspective of operation, and greatly improves the Heat treatment process capability and quality stability of heat treated products. The characteristics of the electronic control device often used in the induction heating production line: Feeding system: The chain-type clamping roller feeding system can be operated under heavy load. This system can automatically adjust to adapt to the change of the diameter of the blank. When the blank is abnormally fed for some reason When it is installed, it is equipped with a stall detection device to cut off the power supply and stop heating to avoid overheating of the blank. Automatic feeding machine: It is suitable for step-by-step feeding machine and material box dumper under heavy load conditions, which can automatically feed the blanks from the material box into the coil. We specialize in the production of induction heating production line equipment. The unique induction coil, serial power supply and integrated design achieve extremely high electrothermal efficiency of the equipment; the same coil can effectively heat 50%-higher diameter blanks, with low failure rate and equipment. Long service life, integrated design with small footprint and high efficiency; with the localization of local manufacturing, more and more customers have won more and more customers due to advanced foreign technology, various system solutions, high cost performance and high-quality services. 's approval. Requirements of induction heating production line (1), quenching method of induction heating and quenching production line. The machine tool should be quenched by moving the workpiece and cooled by liquid spray. It should have general tooling (double reliability), and special tooling should be designed for typical parts, which can be combined with general tooling. Quick exchange, the clamping should be firm and accurate, and induction hardening can be performed on discs, shafts and special-shaped workpieces of different sizes. (2) The front of the machine tool shell should be a semi-closed plexiglass manual protective door, which is convenient for observing the quenching of the workpiece, and the German IFM imported proximity switch is used to detect whether the door is closed to automatically start the equipment. The liquid spray cooling process is closed and is not allowed. If the outside of the machine tool is polluted, the water tank and the water-exposed parts should be made of stainless steel to prevent rust. (3) Positioning system In order to facilitate the adjustment of the relative position of the sensor and the parts, a transformer two-dimensional moving system can be used. The adjustment range in the X and Y directions is greater than or equal to 50 mm, and the micro-movement is done manually. The zero point detection should be set up, and the upper and lower positioning should be equipped with a fine-tuning block iron in addition to the proximity switch for signaling to ensure accurate positioning. Induction heating production line (4), motion system The up and down movement of the workpiece should be completed by the CNC servo system. The servo motor transmits the power to the lead screw, the lead screw is fixed on the bed through the bracket, the load system is mounted on the slide plate, and the slide plate passes through the slide block. Moving on the guide rail, the lead screw uses ABBA ball screw, the guide rail adopts ABBA guide rail, and the guide rail is lubricated by automatic lubrication. (5) The control system induction heating and quenching machine tool should be controlled by Siemens 15-inch touch screen numerical control system. The numerical control system can work normally within the voltage range of 380V ± 10%, and the process parameters, alarm information, set and displayed parameters can be displayed on the operation panel. The content should include: workpiece moving speed, moving distance, heating time, quenching time, fault alarm information, etc. Through PLC and power supply connection and programming, it can drive the quenching transformer to move, and automatically realize continuous automatic heating and quenching of workpieces 1 to 8 at a time. (6) Two-dimensional load adjustment system: ② The transformer bracket moves stably and reliably, and the bearing weight should be greater than or equal to 75 kg. There are lubricating settings for moving parts such as guide rails, lead screws, and nuts, which are easy to adjust manually. (7) Load system (quenching transformer, compensation capacitor): The quenching transformer should be made of the latest ferrite, with a simple and stable structure; the compensation capacitor should be made of high-quality domestic capacitors from Guilin Jiuyang. (8) Electrical system: The machine tool should be equipped with a power-off protection system, the electric box should be equipped with fan cooling and a 220V power socket, with electrical system wiring signs; the machine tool should be equipped with 24V lighting to facilitate equipment maintenance. (9) Quenching tank: Hebei is a professional manufacturer of complete sets of medium and high frequency induction heating equipment in China: it provides a full range of forging and casting induction heating heat treatment solutions. The main equipment includes: medium frequency furnace, medium frequency induction heating equipment, induction heating and quenching production line and other heat treatment equipment With advanced technology, high quality and excellent service, we wholeheartedly serve customers at home and abroad. Induction heating production lines in every industry are very important. We must pay attention to this process, otherwise there will be serious safety problems. The damage caused is also irreparable, if you want to know more, just follow Kehua.
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