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What regulations should the installation of circular cooling towers comply with?

by:Kehua     2022-09-30
Do you know what regulations the Kehua circular cooling equipment should meet during installation? The following Kehua cooling tower manufacturers will introduce to you. 1. The installation position of the Kehua circular cooling tower should meet the design requirements, and the distance from the air inlet side to the building should be greater than 1000mm. 2. The Kehua circular cooling tower and the foundation embedded parts should be firmly connected, and the connecting parts should be hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel bolts, and the purple solid force should be consistent and uniform. 3. The Kehua circular cooling equipment should be horizontal, and the allowable deviation of the horizontality and verticality of the installation of a single cooling tower is 2/1000. When installing multiple cooling towers in the same cooling water system, the height of the water surface of each cooling tower should be the same, and the height difference should not be greater than 30mm. 4. The water pan of the Kehua circular cooling tower should have no leakage, and the water distributor should distribute water evenly. 5. The radial clearance between the end of the fan blade of the Kehua circular cooling tower and the surrounding of the tower body should be uniform. For adjustable angle blades, the angle should be the same. 6. For the assembled Kehua circular cooling equipment, the installation of the packing should be carried out after all electric and gas welding operations are completed.
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