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What requirements should a qualified glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower meet?

by:Kehua     2022-09-18
The main reason for the unsatisfactory cooling effect of the cooling tower is that during the long-term use of the cooling tower, due to the high turbidity and hardness of the circulating water, the filler is immersed in water with a relatively high temperature for a long time, resulting in scaling and blocking of the cooling tower filler. Phenomenon, long-term accumulation, the texture of the filler is blocked, so the ideal cooling effect is unqualified. It is caused by the improper selection of the cooling tower, so the improper selection of the FRP cooling equipment is because the cooling tower is not matched according to its own flow rate and inlet water temperature, and the standard cooling equipment is used as an industrial cooling tower. The small horse-drawn cart, so the cooling effect is definitely not good; the sealing around the cooling tower is too good, the ventilation type is too poor, and the air cannot flow, so the cooling effect of the FRP cooling tower is not good. We Kehua cooling equipment manufacturers have been selling Kehua round cooling towers and square cooling towers, feel free to call if needed.
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