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What temperature is required for stainless steel for heat treatment furnace

by:Kehua     2022-07-28
The heat treatment furnace can not only process the most basic steel materials, but also process many metal materials such as aluminum products, pure copper and stainless steel. The processing principle is to adjust the furnace temperature to a certain temperature, and then dissolve some metal parts. Metal is used for mold setting, and stainless steel requires several more processes than ordinary metal. Stainless steel heat treatment furnace for stainless steel heat treatment furnace: Stainless steel special vacuum heat treatment furnace, fast installation, simple operation, 4 sets of temperature control system, Kehua can monitor the internal temperature at the same time, the control system can be operated and viewed on the mobile phone through the remote APP. , reduce unnecessary labor costs, and historical data can be stored for 10 years. This equipment does not need to add any gas protection, which can ensure that the product is not oxidized or discolored, and the product can be used directly without subsequent treatment. Due to the heating of the outer tank and the particularity of the product design in which the inner tank is placed, in terms of electrical control, the inner tank and the outer tank are mutually controlled to ensure that the internal products are heated evenly, and the product hardness and elasticity are consistent. Water circulation system: The whole furnace outer tank is equipped with a water circulation system, which can effectively protect the sealing ring and welding aging, and effectively prolong the service life of the furnace body. Stainless steel for heat treatment furnace In order to change the metallographic structure of the stainless steel material, eliminate the residual stress inside the stainless steel material, and improve the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of the stainless steel material, heat treatment is often required in the manufacturing process of the stainless steel material. Heat treatment under normal conditions will cause an oxide layer to form on the surface of the stainless steel material at high temperature, which will affect the performance and use value of the stainless steel material. Generally, the oxide layer can be removed by means such as pickling, but the pickling sewage is difficult to deal with, and it is easy to cause harm to the environment. In response to this problem, bright heat treatment technology has been developed. Bright heat treatment refers to that in the heat treatment process (mainly quenching and annealing), Kehua uses gas protection or vacuum state to avoid or reduce the oxidation of the surface of the heat-treated workpiece in contact with oxygen. So as to achieve a bright or relatively bright surface of the workpiece. For example, the patent documents with the application number CN201120527001.3 and the application number CN200920114125.1 disclose the bright heat treatment furnaces with nitrogen and hydrogen decomposed by hydrogen or ammonia as protective gases. Although such heat treatment furnaces can obtain relatively bright stainless steel However, flammable and explosive hydrogen is used as the protective gas, which is prone to dangerous accidents, and the storage of ammonia and hydrogen is difficult and expensive. After the vacuum bright heat treatment is evacuated, the actual furnace still contains part of the air, which is easy to oxidize the stainless steel and cannot really avoid oxidation. In the heat treatment of stainless steel, it usually goes through multiple heating and cooling processes. The traditional operation method is to heat the workpiece in the heating furnace and then hoist it out for cooling. After cooling to room temperature, it will be hoisted into the heating furnace for secondary heating, and the subsequent processing will continue. . This treatment method has a long transit time and is inconvenient to control the heat treatment temperature, so it usually cannot achieve satisfactory results. When making stainless steel for heat treatment furnace, the requirements are higher than ordinary metals. When processing stainless steel, the temperature in the heating furnace must be well controlled, and the cooling time should also be well controlled.
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