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When purchasing a kehua furnace cooling tower, the 'principle' cannot be lost

by:Kehua     2022-09-17
I don't know what aspects are generally considered when purchasing a kehua furnace cooling equipment in the market? Let's take a look at this question together! Generally, when purchasing a kehua furnace cooling equipment, we need to consider the following three principles:
1. The basis is the amount of cooling circulating water. The nominal flow rate of the kehua furnace cooling tower should meet the cooling water volume required by the chiller, and the temperature of the water inlet and outlet water of the kehua furnace cooling tower should be consistent with the temperature of the outlet water and inlet water of the condenser of the chiller, respectively.
2. The water quality of the cooling circulating water is high, or the pollution around the cooling tower of the kehua furnace is heavy, and the dust concentration is high.
3. Noise: According to the installation location of the kehua furnace cooling tower and the noise requirements of the surrounding environment, consider choosing ordinary, low-noise and ultra-low noise kehua furnace cooling towers.
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