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Which company for high temperature heating equipment can provide customers with newer and more complete services?

by:Kehua     2022-07-23
When it comes to high-temperature heating equipment, many people may have never seen it. In real life, high-temperature heating equipment is generally found in factories. Such equipment is rarely used in our homes. Let's take a look Introduce the relevant information of high temperature heating equipment. High temperature heating equipment 1. Introduction of equipment manufacturers. The company has a strong production Ru0026D system and process system. Reliable quality, complete supporting facilities and superior performance are the main characteristics of Hongyuanxin Company. According to the needs of customers, it can independently design and manufacture various types of quenching equipment, induction heating equipment, heat treatment equipment, Welding equipment and non-standard automation equipment meet the needs of customers in actual production. According to the different voltage levels in different countries, we have developed induction heating equipment and automation equipment with corresponding input voltages. Second, the products have been recognized by customers. Kehua company develops and manufactures a full range of high-frequency, ultra-high-frequency, medium-frequency, super-audio induction heating power supplies and supporting equipment products, which are widely used in metal processing, hardware and plastics, home appliances, plumbing, sanitary ware, refrigeration, automobiles, communications, medical equipment, weapons Diathermoforming, welding, quenching, smelting, annealing, heat fitting and other processes in industries that require heat source equipment. At present, it has successfully equipped a complete set of induction heating equipment and brazing equipment for hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as BYD, Baojun Automobile, Dongfeng Motor, Han's Laser, 403 Factory, 388 Factory, Gree Electric, Xinbao Spring, San'an Group, etc. And automation equipment, and has been highly praised by users. High temperature heating equipment 3. Introduction of service purpose. Kehua has always pursued professionalism and excellence. With its advanced technology and mature technology, it has won the trust and support of customers. It strives to implement and promote a quality management system for the production of zero-defect products, and has established a complete marketing and after-sales service system in China. The company adheres to the concept of credibility, creates world-class quality, and builds a first-class image of the enterprise. In line with the tenet of 'creating wealth for customers and creating value for societyand service. The above information is about the content of high temperature heating equipment. The quality of the heating equipment produced by Kehua is recognized by the public, and the reputation has been accumulated over many years. It is a good company.
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