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Which company has the most advanced management mechanism for heat treatment of metal materials?

by:Kehua     2022-07-25
When it comes to the process of material heat treatment, many people are not very familiar with it, and have never seen a similar production process, so it will be relatively unfamiliar. After all, this is a professional production process that can only be seen in the factory. Let's learn about the metal together. Introduce the relevant information of material heat treatment. Heat treatment of metal materials 1. Heat treatment. Heat treatment refers to a metal thermal processing process in which the material is in a solid state by means of heating, heat preservation and cooling to obtain the expected structure and properties. In the process from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and Iron Age, the role of heat treatment is gradually recognized by people. As early as 770 BC to 222 BC, the Chinese have discovered in production practice that the properties of steel will change due to the influence of temperature and pressure deformation. The softening of white cast iron is an important process in the manufacture of agricultural tools. Second, the process characteristics. Metal heat treatment is one of the important processes in machinery manufacturing. Compared with other processing technologies, heat treatment generally does not change the shape and overall chemical composition of the workpiece, but changes the microstructure inside the workpiece or changes the chemical composition of the workpiece surface. , to give or improve the performance of the workpiece. It is characterized by an improvement in the intrinsic quality of the workpiece, which is generally not visible to the naked eye. In order to make the metal workpiece have the required mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, in addition to the reasonable selection of materials and various forming processes, heat treatment process is often essential. Steel is the most widely used material in the machinery industry. The microstructure of steel is complex and can be controlled by heat treatment. Therefore, heat treatment of steel is the main content of metal heat treatment. In addition, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, etc. and their alloys can also be heat treated to change their mechanical, physical and chemical properties to obtain different performance. Heat treatment of metal materials 3. Introduction of heat treatment manufacturers. Kehua is a large-scale professional heat treatment company. The company adopts an advanced management mechanism and attracts outstanding talents for management. At present, the company has advanced protective oxygen quenching mesh belt furnace, and the daily processing of metal carburizing and quenching parts reaches 5 tons; vacuum quenching and tempering of molds have been in the forefront of the same industry; Chemical, liquid nitriding, high temperature pit furnace carburizing and bright quenching, annealing and shaping treatment of stainless steel and stainless iron, solution treatment, high frequency quenching, mechanical parts QPQ, LT, LTC, NOPO treatment, aluminum alloy, copper Alloy quenching, annealing and solution treatment are the biggest features of our company. At the same time, it can also conduct technical consultation on metal material processing and analysis of metallographic structure of steel. The maximum processing size is 1500mm*800mm*500mm. The above information is about the heat treatment of metal materials. Kehua is a relatively capable heat treatment manufacturer. Its company has strong strength and reliable product quality. It is a reliable company.
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