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Which company's service tenet is better for high and medium frequency forging furnace?

by:Kehua     2022-07-24
Now there are many manufacturers of furnaces on the market, and there are many varieties. Different varieties have different uses. When purchasing a heating furnace, we must choose according to the actual situation, and do not choose blindly. Let's take a look at the high and medium frequency. Let us introduce the relevant information of forging heating furnace. High and medium frequency forging furnace 1. Forging furnace. The forging heating furnace is a power supply device that converts power frequency 50HZ alternating current into intermediate frequency (300HZ and above to 20K HZ), converts three-phase power frequency alternating current into direct current after rectification, and then converts direct current through frequency conversion device into adjustable The intermediate frequency current supplies the intermediate frequency alternating current flowing through the capacitor and the induction coil, generates high-density magnetic lines of force in the induction coil, and cuts the metal material contained in the induction coil, generating a large eddy current in the metal material. This eddy current also has some properties of intermediate frequency current, that is, the free electrons of the metal itself flow in the metal body with resistance to generate heat. Second, classification. There are many types of forging heating furnaces. According to different power sources, forging heating furnaces can be divided into two categories: flame heating furnaces and electric heating furnaces. Flame heating furnaces are divided into oil furnaces, gas furnaces and coal-fired furnaces according to the different fuels used, while gas furnaces include natural gas forging furnaces and gas furnaces; according to the structure of the heating chamber, they are divided into chamber furnaces (single-chamber furnaces). , double-chamber furnace) semi-continuous and continuous furnace; according to the furnace bottom structure and mechanized form, it is divided into a trolley furnace and a rotary hearth furnace (also known as a ring furnace). Different furnace structures are selected for different production conditions. Single-piece small batch production requires greater flexibility. Chamber furnaces should be selected as much as possible. Large and medium-sized forgings should be trolley furnaces, and small and medium-sized forgings should be produced in large batches. Rotary hearth furnace. The choice of furnace type must also be considered comprehensively from the type of fuel, the quality and size of the heating billet, economic conditions and labor conditions. High and medium frequency forging furnace 3. Introduction of the manufacturer. Kehua is a company focusing on Ru0026D, production and sales of induction heating equipment, with the goal of 'producing energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient induction heating equipment to save money for cooperative enterprisesActively grasp the development trend of the industry, based on competition, and win the trust of users. The company adheres to the concept of credibility, creates world-class quality, and builds a first-class image of the company. Kehua, in line with the tenet of 'creating wealth for customers and creating value for society echnology and services. The above information introduction is about the content of high and medium frequency forging heating furnace. In the face of equipment manufacturers with mixed quality and bad in the market, we must start from the perspective of use when purchasing equipment, and do not blindly believe which brand is easy to use.
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