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Which company to find for smelting equipment is more guaranteed to produce quality?

by:Kehua     2022-07-27
There are many smelting equipment manufacturers on the market now. The quality of the products produced by these manufacturers is different, each has its own characteristics, and the price is also different. Some well-known brands have better quality. Let's take a look at it together. Let us introduce the relevant information of melting equipment. Smelting equipment 1. Interpretation of the smelting concept. Smelting is to put metal materials and other auxiliary materials into a heating furnace for melting and tempering, and the furnace materials undergo certain physical and chemical changes in the high temperature (1300-1600K) furnace, producing crude metal or metal enrichment and slag. metallurgical process. In addition to concentrate, calcine, sinter, etc., the charge of the charge sometimes needs to be added with a flux to make the charge easy to melt, and a reducing agent for a certain reaction. In addition, in order to provide the necessary temperature, it is often necessary to add fuel to burn, and send air or oxygen-enriched air. The crude metal or metal enrichment is separated due to the low mutual solubility with the molten slag and the difference in density into two layers. The concentrates include matte, yellow slag, etc., which must be processed by blowing or other methods to obtain metal. Second, classification. According to the equipment used, it can be divided into blast furnace smelting, reverberatory furnace smelting and electric furnace smelting; according to the process characteristics, it can be divided into flash smelting, molten pool smelting, vortex smelting, oxygen-enriched smelting, hot air smelting, matte smelting, direct smelting of sulfide concentrate and sulfidation Autothermal smelting of concentrates, etc. These two classifications make it difficult to describe the essence of the smelting process. Blast furnace smelting uses block material or kneading concentrate as raw material, and coke as fuel or as reducing agent. Reverberatory furnace smelting is a method in which powder materials are used as raw materials and fuel is burned for heating. Electric furnace smelting is a method of smelting with granules or powder materials as raw materials and using electric heat. According to the essence of the process reaction, it can be divided into oxidation smelting, reduction smelting, reductive sulfide smelting, volatilization smelting, precipitation smelting and reaction smelting. Smelting equipment 3. Introduction of the manufacturer. Kehua's products are known for energy saving and stable quality, and have passed the new IS09001:2008 international quality management system certification. The main products are constant power refining and energy saving KGPS-BL intermediate frequency power supply (power 100KW~2000KW), KGPS-CL intermediate frequency power supply, GW intermediate frequency induction melting furnace (50KG~3000KG), intermediate frequency induction heating furnace, intermediate frequency quenching equipment, vacuum induction melting furnace, diathermy equipment. Kehua company has strong technical force and rich practical production experience, product design is good, the control system is based on large-scale digital integrated circuits, zero-voltage soft-start feedback, reliable protection, stable performance, low failure rate, high power factor , and the operation is simple. It is easy to maintain and trusted by users. Products cover all parts of the country. The above information introduction is about the content of smelting equipment. In the face of many smelting manufacturers in the market, we must not be blind when choosing a manufacturer, and we must make a choice after careful inspection.
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