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Which continuous annealing furnace company has better service?

by:Kehua     2022-07-26
When it comes to annealing furnaces, many people may not have seen them before, and they do not know what they look like, so they will be relatively unfamiliar. Generally, annealing furnaces are used more frequently in enterprises. Let's take a look at continuous annealing furnaces. Introduce relevant information. Continuous annealing furnace 1. Introduction of annealing furnace data. An annealing furnace is a process used in semiconductor device fabrication that involves heating multiple semiconductor wafers to affect their electrical properties. Heat treatments are designed for different effects. The wafer can be heated to activate dopants, convert thin films to thin films or convert thin films to wafer substrate interfaces, densify deposited thin films, change the state of growing thin films, repair implanted damage, move dopants or transfer dopants The agent is transferred from one film to another or from the film into the wafer substrate. The annealing furnace can be integrated into other furnace processing steps, such as oxidation, or can be processed by itself. The annealing furnace is completed by equipment specially designed for heating semiconductor wafers. The annealing furnace is an energy-saving periodic operation furnace with a super energy-saving structure and a fiber structure, which saves 60% of electricity. Second, the structure introduction. Annealing furnace combustion system: several burners are installed on both sides of the oil furnace, and the heat flow reciprocates in the furnace to ensure the uniformity of furnace temperature. Automatic and semi-automatic types can be selected as required. Smoke exhaust preheating device: a smoke exhaust preheating device is installed at the upper end of the furnace. When the flue gas in the furnace passes through the preheater, it is sent to the cold air by the fan for preheating, and then sent to the burner by the pipeline for combustion support. A manual butterfly valve is installed at the outlet, which can adjust the pressure in the furnace. It is widely used in heating, cooling, condensation, evaporation and other processes in chemical, petroleum, food, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, electric power, shipbuilding, papermaking, mining, medicine, central heating and other industrial sectors. Continuous Annealing Furnace 3. Introduction of manufacturer's information. Kehua is a professional chemical factory that produces various heat treatment equipment. It can design and produce various standard and non-standard heat treatment equipment according to user needs, as well as oil-fired furnaces and through-form shell roasting furnaces fueled by coal, gas, natural gas and diesel in the precision casting industry. , automatic, semi-automatic continuous production line, etc. It also carries out energy-saving renovation and repair of old-fashioned electric furnaces, and provides a variety of accessories for heat treatment equipment. It has high-quality service quality and product quality, and is favored by users. In order to strengthen and speed up the application and improvement of industrial electric furnaces and promote the development of China's furnace industry, Kehua Company is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign merchants based on the principle of common development and common benefit. Hope to introduce technology, capital and advanced management mode in cooperation. The above information is about the content of the continuous annealing furnace. The quality of the annealing furnace products produced by Kehua is reliable, it is a conscientious manufacturer, and it is trustworthy.
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