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Which electromagnetic melting furnace is better on the market today?

by:Kehua     2022-07-18
There are many brands of electromagnetic melting furnaces on the market now, and the quality is different. We must pay attention when purchasing products. We must know which one has better quality and is more reliable. Let's take a look at it together. Introduce the relevant information of the electromagnetic gold melting furnace. Electromagnetic Gold 1. Introduction to the information of the gold Induction melting furnace. The gold Induction melting furnace adopts 200~2500Hz intermediate frequency power supply for induction heating, the power range is 15~160KW, and the amount of melting material is: 4~75KG, which is specially used for melting gold! Less electricity; low temperature around the furnace, less smoke and dust, good working environment; simple operation process, reliable smelting operation; uniform heating temperature, less burning loss, uniform metal composition; good casting quality, fast melting and heating, easy control of furnace temperature, and production efficiency High; the gold melting furnace has a high utilization rate and is easy to replace. The gold melting furnace is equipped with a 50kw air-cooled cabinet, compensation capacitors and furnace body. 2. Introduction of the manufacturer. Founded in July 2003, Kehua is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment and high-frequency brazing machines. The company integrates product development, production, sales and service. Mainly engaged in induction heating equipment, high-frequency quenching equipment, high-frequency brazing machine, intermediate frequency Induction melting furnace, forging furnace, drying furnace, etc., and can be customized according to user process requirements, induction heating automation complete sets of equipment. Its wholly-owned holding Guangzhou Kehua Technology Co., Ltd.; application fields, products are widely used in metal processing, metal plastics, home appliances, plumbing, sanitary ware, refrigeration, automobiles, communications, medical equipment, weapon industry and other industries. The energy-saving heat source equipment is specialized in dozens of processes such as diathermy forming, welding, quenching, smelting, annealing, drying, and heat fitting. Electromagnetic melting furnace 3. Qualification introduction. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE quality certification, and has applied for 95 patents in total, 58 authorized patents, and 5 copyrights. The quantity and quality of patent applications has become a leader in the induction heating industry. Participated in the formulation of more than ten national and industry standards, and built an energy-saving comprehensive performance laboratory, becoming a local industrial induction heating engineering technology research center and a science and technology competition base for college students in China's metal materials industry. Mission values, adhering to the desire of 'becoming a forever young enterprise, leaving more blue sky and white clouds for future generationsvalues. The above information is about the content of electromagnetic gold melting furnaces. There are many types of gold melting furnaces on the market. Different companies choose different furnace types. We must understand clearly when purchasing products. First, see Which model is more suitable for your factory.
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