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Which heating equipment manufacturer can provide reliable and stable induction heat treatment solutions?

by:Kehua     2022-07-19
In recent years, there are many manufacturers of heating equipment in the market, and each of them shouts the slogan of professional production equipment. If you are not professional, you will know it later. We should not blindly believe the propaganda of manufacturers. Let's take a look at heating equipment manufacturers. relevant information. Heating equipment manufacturers 1. Introduction of heating equipment. Heating equipment is generally a device composed of heating elements and accessories. A glass fiber reinforced refractory fiber layer is wound around the multi-strand resistance wire stranded wire, and a metal wire reinforced refractory fiber layer is woven outside the refractory fiber layer, which is tightly combined and distributed along the entire length of the resistance wire stranded double-layer cladding layer and its center The resistance wire stranded wire forms an integral direct heating unit that can be bent at will and can be in close contact with the heated object. The metal wire knits together a plurality of side-by-side monomers laterally to form a braided high-temperature electric heater that can be directly used on the object to be heated. Second, the working principle. The working principle is to install a primary coil with a larger number of turns and a secondary coil with a smaller number of turns on the same core. The input to output voltage ratio is equal to the ratio of the turns of the coil, while the energy remains the same. Therefore, the secondary coil generates a large current under low voltage conditions. For induction heaters, the bearing is a short-circuited, single-turn secondary coil that passes large currents at lower AC voltages, thereby generating large amounts of heat. The heater itself and the yoke are kept at room temperature. Since this heating method induces an electric current, the bearing becomes magnetized. It is important to ensure that the bearing is demagnetized later so that it does not pick up magnetic metal chips during operation. FAG induction heaters have automatic degaussing function. Heating equipment manufacturers 3. Introduction of equipment manufacturers. Kehua is a modern enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of medium frequency induction heating furnaces, high frequency induction heating equipment, ultra-frequency induction heating power supplies, ultra-high frequency induction heating machines, induction melting furnaces, and induction heating production lines. Since its establishment, Kehua has always been committed to providing reliable and stable induction heat treatment solutions for our customers, and has built a complete induction heating equipment manufacturing system and a scientific and reasonable product chain. The all-solid-state induction heating equipment produced is widely used in forging, smelting , precision casting, hot forming, welding, pipe bending, quenching, melting, etc. The above information introduction is about the heating equipment manufacturers. The selection of heating equipment must be based on which product quality is more reliable, and the reputation of the customers who have used it is relatively good.
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