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Which heating furnace manufacturers do they choose?

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
The application of heating furnaces is very extensive, and it is an indispensable equipment for many metal and parts manufacturers. Then, there are many businesses who want to buy heating furnaces. Which heating furnace manufacturer should be selected, this question will be answered for everyone, which manufacturer and which one to choose The types of equipment are determined according to the products produced by the company. In the metallurgical industry, a heating furnace is a device (industrial furnace) that heats a material or workpiece (usually metal) to a rolling temperature. Kehua heating furnaces are used in many industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, heat treatment, surface treatment, building materials, electronics, materials, light industry, daily chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Heating furnace manufacturer's heating furnace function introduction: 1. Complete equipment protection Stable, reliable and rapid operation, stable operation; 2. Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarburization, because the heating principle of the intermediate frequency diathermy furnace is electromagnetic induction, and the heat is generated by the workpiece itself. This heating method has a fast heating speed, little oxidation, and heating. High efficiency, good process repeatability, the metal surface is only slightly decolorized, and slight polishing can restore the surface to mirror brightness, thereby effectively obtaining constant and consistent material properties; Productivity; heating furnace manufacturers 4. Low energy consumption, pollution-free and high heating efficiency. Compared with other heating methods, energy consumption is effectively reduced, labor productivity is high, pollution-free, and the equipment meets environmental protection requirements; 5. High temperature control accuracy to ensure uniform heating The temperature difference of the heating core surface is small, and the temperature can be accurately controlled by the temperature control system to ensure the repeatability of the product; 6. The furnace body of the intermediate frequency diathermy furnace is easy to replace. The furnace body is designed with water and electricity quick-change joints, which makes the furnace body replacement simple, fast and convenient. So how to choose a heating furnace manufacturer to buy a heating furnace, this question requires users to choose the heating furnace related to the product needs and make purchases based on the positioning of their own production products.
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