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Which process of heat treatment equipment manufacturer can realize personalized customization?

by:Kehua     2022-07-28
Speaking of heat treatment equipment manufacturers, there are many in the market. To say which one is better, Kehua is the best. Kehua is a professional manufacturer of heat treatment equipment, and its products are of reliable quality. Let’s take a look at the heat treatment equipment manufacturers. relevant information. Heat treatment equipment manufacturers 1. Introduction of heat treatment information. Heat treatment refers to a metal thermal processing process in which the material is in a solid state by means of heating, heat preservation and cooling to obtain the expected structure and properties. In the process from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and Iron Age, the role of heat treatment is gradually recognized by people. As early as 770 BC to 222 BC, the Chinese have discovered in production practice that the properties of steel will change due to the influence of temperature and pressure deformation. The softening of white cast iron is an important process in the manufacture of agricultural tools. Second, the process. The heat treatment process generally includes three processes of heating, heat preservation and cooling, and sometimes there are only two processes of heating and cooling. These processes are interconnected and uninterrupted. Heating is one of the important processes of heat treatment. There are many heating methods for metal heat treatment. The earliest ones used charcoal and coal as heat sources, and more recently, liquid and gas fuels were used. The application of electricity makes heating easy to control and free of environmental pollution. These heat sources can be used for direct heating or indirect heating through molten salt or gold, or even floating particles. When the metal is heated, the workpiece is exposed to the air, and oxidation and decarburization often occur (that is, the carbon content on the surface of the steel part is reduced), which has a very adverse effect on the surface properties of the parts after heat treatment. Therefore, the metal should usually be heated in a controlled atmosphere or protective atmosphere, in molten salt and in vacuum, and can also be protected by coating or packaging methods. Heat treatment equipment manufacturers 3. Introduction of equipment manufacturers. Kehua has profound technical and cultural accumulation, and its technical strength and automation control level are at the domestic industry level. Kehua Company is a large-scale joint-stock enterprise integrating scientific research, production, operation and integration. In order to meet the needs of the market and give better play to the technical advantages of industrial furnaces, it has extensively absorbed foreign advanced technology and exerted its own technical expertise to research and develop advanced technology. Energy-saving, high-efficiency, environmentally friendly and low-carbon industrial furnace products that are of the highest level and applicable to my country's national conditions. All products can be customized according to customer's process requirements. The above information is about the heat treatment equipment manufacturers. In the face of the uneven heat treatment equipment manufacturers on the market, we should pay attention when choosing, do not choose blindly.
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