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Which Tianjin high-frequency heating is easy to use? How to choose?

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
High-frequency heating is an important heating equipment used in life and industry. High-frequency heating can meet the requirements of parts manufacturing and casting. There are many equipment manufacturers. So which one is better for high-frequency heating in Tianjin? Recommended choice Kehua. 1. Welding (brazing, silver shouting, brazing) It mainly melts the solder by heating to a certain temperature, thereby linking two metals of the same material or different materials together. The specific applications are as follows: Welding various hardware tools Welding various hardware machinery parts Welding composite pot bottom Welding electric kettle heating plate Welding 2. Heating (hot forging, hot fitting, melting) Different materials have different temperatures) Press it into other shapes by punching, forging or other forms. It mainly refers to the connection between different metals or between metals and non-metals by heating the metal, using the principle of thermal expansion or thermal melting. together. Smelting refers to the transformation of metal into liquid through high temperature of metal. 3. Heat treatment (surface quenching) is to change the hardness of the metal material after processing by heating the workpiece. Application classification of Tianjin high-frequency heating induction heating equipment Welding of mining accessories such as head, drill pipe, coal drill bit, air drill bit, etc. 2. Induction heating equipment is used in the field of quenching: quenching of various gears, sprockets, and shafts; quenching of machine tool bed guide rails in the machine tool industry; quenching of hardware tools. 3. Induction heating equipment is used in the field of diathermy: hot upsetting of various high-strength bolts and nuts; hot-rolled twist drills; diathermic forging of all parts within a diameter of 80. Characteristics of induction heating equipment 1. IGBT is used as the main device, full-bridge inverter; 100% load duration design, can work continuously. 2. Perfect protection function and high reliability; small size, light weight, simple installation and convenient operation. 3. Adopt frequency automatic tracking and multi-channel closed-loop control. 4. Substitute oxyacetylene flame, coke furnace, salt bath furnace, gas furnace, oil furnace and other heating methods. 5. It can be remotely controlled and connected with infrared temperature measurement to realize automatic temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify worker operations. Tianjin high-frequency heating The above is the introduction of high-frequency heating in Tianjin. Kehua is a manufacturer specializing in the production of heating equipment. The company's equipment is of good quality and complete specifications. At the same time, the company has a detailed introduction to selection and use requirements, which is convenient for people to use the equipment. .
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