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Working principle and application of metal induction brazing equipment

by:Kehua     2022-07-25
What is brazing, I believe many netizens in the industry will ask, brazing is actually a high-temperature welding technology, so a metal induction brazing equipment has been developed. This metal induction brazing equipment can be used in different parts. Or the best choice for material producers. Metal induction brazing equipment Uses of small high-frequency induction brazing equipment: 1. Heat treatment: local or overall quenching, annealing, tempering, and heat penetration of various metals; 2. Thermoforming: whole piece forging, partial forging, Hot heading, hot rolling; 3. Welding: brazing of various metal products, welding of various tool blades, saw blades, welding of steel pipes, copper pipes, welding of the same and dissimilar metals; 4. Metal smelting: gold, silver, copper , (vacuum) smelting, casting and evaporative coating of metals such as iron and aluminum; 5. Other applications of high-frequency heating machine: semiconductor single crystal growth, heat fitting, bottle heat sealing, toothpaste skin heat sealing, powder coating, metal Implant plastic etc. Principle of metal induction brazing equipment: In addition, the skin effect is also related to the resistivity and permeability of the material. The larger the resistivity, the smaller the permeability, and the weaker the skin effect, and vice versa. Induction coil is an important component of induction brazing equipment. The basic principle of correct design and selection of induction coils is to ensure rapid, uniform and high efficiency of heating in the welding year. Usually, the induction coils are made of pure copper tubes. When working, the tube is cooled by water. The thickness of the tube wall should be less than the current penetration depth, generally 1~1.5mm. A gap should be maintained between the induction coil and the weldment to avoid short circuit, but in order to improve the heating efficiency, the gap between the turns of the induction coil and the weldment should be minimized. Metal induction brazing equipment Some auxiliary tools are often needed to clamp and position the weldment during induction brazing. When designing the fixture, it should be noted that the fixture parts adjacent to the induction coil should not use metal to avoid induction heating. During induction brazing, foil, filament, powder and paste brazing filler metals can be used. The installed brazing filler metals should not form a closed ring, and flux and gaseous medium can be used to remove the film. Induction brazing is widely used for brazing steel, copper and copper alloys, stainless steel, high temperature alloys, etc. with symmetrical shapes, especially for pipe fittings, pipe and flanges, shafts and bushings, turning tool bit serrations Sheet-to-ground welding; for the brazing of aluminum alloys, induction brazing can also be used, but the temperature control requirements are relatively high. Kehua equipment focuses on the Ru0026D, design, manufacturing and technical services of high-frequency induction heating equipment, and provides customers with high-frequency induction heating overall solutions based on technology. Products are widely used in high frequency induction quenching, tempering, forging, smelting, welding, heat fitting, etc. The company's Kehua products and equipment are mainly used in welding, quenching, smelting, annealing, hot assembly, hot cladding, hot forging and other aspects of metal materials. Customer satisfaction is the driving force for our pursuit and continuous progress. Many manufacturers use metal induction brazing equipment because this equipment can achieve the advantages of more accurate parts and higher production quantities when making parts.
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