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Wuxi induction hardening machine thermal efficiency has been greatly improved-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-29
Wuxi high-frequency quenching machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat the workpiece. It is mainly composed of drive circuit, control circuit and induction coil. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high reliability. If you are interested, follow Kehua Xiaobian. Let's learn together! Quenching machine Wuxi high-frequency quenching machine is a new type of heating equipment. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction and consists of a drive circuit, a control circuit, a display circuit, and an induction coil. The induction coil is placed in the heated Workpiece. When working, an alternating current passes through the induction coil, and the frequency reaches several tens of kilohertz. An alternating magnetic field is generated around the induction coil, and most of the magnetic lines of the alternating magnetic field pass through the metal workpiece, generating a large amount of eddy currents. Regular motion, molecules collide with each other and rub, thereby generating heat energy. It does not require open flame or conduction heating, but allows the heat to be directly generated on the heated object, so the thermal efficiency is greatly improved. Wuxi high-frequency quenching machine Wuxi high-frequency quenching machine performance characteristics: 1. Adopt IGBT solid-state inverter technology, high efficiency Energy saving and high output power. 2. Digital phase locking technology to achieve automatic frequency tracking. 3. Wuxi high-frequency quenching machine can replace other heating methods (such as gas, coking coal, oil furnace, electric furnace, high-frequency electronic tube, etc.), energy saving and environmental protection. 4. Perfect protection function, high reliability and easy maintenance. 5. Modular design, simple installation, convenient operation, no need to debug. 6. 100% negative performance rate design, can work continuously for 24 hours. 7. The Wuxi high-frequency quenching machine adopts the resonant frequency conversion technology to make the overall efficiency of the equipment ≥ 95%, and the efficiency is high. The unique advantages of Wuxi high frequency quenching machine: 1. Fast heating: the fastest heating speed is less than 1 second, and the heating speed can be adjusted and controlled. 2. Good effect: the surface of the workpiece is heated evenly and the temperature rises quickly, which reduces the degree of deformation of the oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece and the workpiece. 3. Small footprint: Wuxi high-frequency quenching machine is small in size, light in weight, and takes up less than half a cube of space, making it easy to move and move. 4. Easy to operate: CNC type design, the whole machine does not need to be debugged, the installation and operation are very convenient, and it can be learned in 5 minutes. 5. High efficiency: Wuxi high-frequency quenching machine has an automatic setting function, and the operation can be completed by one person, thereby reducing the number of processes and improving efficiency. 6. Wide application: It can heat metal workpieces of various types. (The induction coil is made according to the shape of the workpiece) 7. Good environmental protection: no noise, pollution and open fire, it is easier to meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection. 8. Low power consumption: The thermal efficiency is more than 95%, so it is more energy-saving than other heating methods (such as gas, oxygen, acetylene, coking coal, electric furnace, high-frequency electronic tube, etc.). Wuxi high frequency quenching machine The above is the relevant introduction about Wuxi high frequency quenching machine. This product has many advantages and high work efficiency. It has an automatic setting function inside, which can be operated by only one person. I want to know more For more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua website!
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