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Xi'an brazing furnace - the use of hot wall vacuum brazing furnace

by:Kehua     2022-07-26
Kehua has introduced the relevant content of the brazing furnace to friends before. I wonder if you have any impression of it? Today, I bring you another new knowledge point, that is, Xi'an brazing furnace - hot wall vacuum brazing How to use the furnace. Xi'an Brazing Furnace Eight ways of using the hot-wall vacuum brazing furnace For example, according to the heat source, there are infrared, electron beam, laser, plasma, glow discharge brazing, etc.; according to the working process, there are contact reaction brazing and diffusion brazing. Contact reaction brazing is to use the reaction between the solder and the base metal to generate a liquid phase to fill the joint gap. Diffusion brazing is to increase the heat preservation and diffusion time, so that the weld and the base metal are fully homogenized, so as to obtain a joint with the same performance as the base metal. 2. Soldering iron brazing is used for the soldering of small simple or very thin parts. 3. Wave soldering is used for assembly and soldering of large quantities of printed circuit boards and electronic components. During welding, the molten solder at about 250 ℃ forms a wave crest through the narrow seam under the pressure of the pump, and the workpiece is welded through the wave crest. This method has high productivity and can realize automated production on the assembly line. 4. Flame brazing uses a flame in which a combustible gas is mixed with oxygen or compressed air as a heat source for welding. The flame brazing equipment is simple and easy to operate, and can be heated and welded with multiple flames at the same time according to the shape of the workpiece. This method is suitable for the welding of medium and small parts such as bicycle racks and aluminum kettle spouts. 5. Dip brazing The workpiece is partially or wholly immersed in a solder bath covered with flux or a salt bath with only molten salt for heating and welding. This method heats evenly, rapidly, and has more accurate temperature control, and is suitable for mass production and welding of large components. The salt in the salt bath is mostly composed of flux. After welding, there is often a large amount of flux remaining on the workpiece, and the cleaning workload is large. 6. Induction brazing is a welding method that uses high frequency, medium frequency or power frequency induced current as a heat source. High-frequency heating is suitable for welding thin-walled pipe fittings. The use of coaxial cables and split-type induction coils can be used for brazing at a site far away from the power source, which is especially suitable for welding of certain large components, such as pipe joints that need to be disassembled on rockets. 7. Brazing in the furnace The workpiece assembled with the solder is placed in the furnace for heating and welding. It is often necessary to add flux, and it can also be protected by reducing gas or inert gas, and the heating is relatively uniform. Continuous furnaces can be used for mass production. 8. The vacuum brazing workpiece is heated in a vacuum chamber, and is mainly used for the welding of products requiring high quality and easily oxidized materials. Xi'an Brazing Furnace Xi'an Brazing Furnace-Hot Wall Vacuum Brazing Furnace, have you all memorized the method of use? If you have anything you don't understand, you can consult our Kehua, who is ready for everyone anytime, anywhere.
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